Inclusive Employer Pledge

Inclusive Employer Pledge

The Inclusive Employer Pledge

As inclusive employers, we commit to:


We will promote fair recruitment practices, widening access to decent employment and training opportunities for all.


We will work with our leadership team and staff to advance diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace.


We will partner with education and training providers to promote the employability of talented youth in Lebanon.


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What is Bedayati? + -

Bedayati is a social sector organization established in 2020. We work to empower talented youth from marginalized backgrounds in Lebanon to access decent and sustainable employment, responding to their aspirations for change. We partner with a range of organizations, advocating an inclusive economy that works for everyone. Bedayati’s core values are integrity, inclusion and innovation.

Why is economic inclusion important for Lebanon? + -

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights recognizes the right to economic participation and decent work for all. In Lebanon, however, less than 50% of the working-age population participated in the labour market in 2018-2019. Youth unemployment rates were estimated at over 23% even before the 2019-2020 crisis, with poverty estimated at over 45% in 2020. Economic inclusion can only be reached if economic opportunities are equally accessible to everyone. By adopting more inclusive policies and practices, organizations are able to directly impact the lives of those they employ, helping fight poverty and promoting social mobility. In doing so, organizations create economic value in a way that also delivers social impact.

How will inclusion help my organization? + -

Businesses around the world are increasingly focused on embedding Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) in their organizations as a means to achieving their full potential. D&I policies ensure non-discrimination based on personal characteristics. Inclusive workplaces are workplaces where diverse groups are given equal opportunity to access employment, succeed and belong. Evidence suggests that diverse and inclusive businesses are better able to drive innovation, address customer needs and reach wider markets by bringing a wider range of perspectives. They are also more likely to attract and retain employees, in particular millennial talent, with evidence showing that millennials are more loyal to companies that demonstrate social impact, diversity and inclusion.

What is decent work? + -

The International Labour Organization defines decent work as productive work that provides equality of opportunity and treatment, fair wages, safe working conditions and social protection. Decent work is essential to the wellbeing of workers and human development, with United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 8 dedicated to promoting inclusive growth and decent work for all.

How can Bedayati support me? + -

Given that no one size fits all, organizations need to determine which strategies and indicators best support their inclusion goals. Bedayati can help provide benchmark Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and tools, as well as technical assistance to design Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, which expand decent work opportunities for marginalized youth.

By signing the Pledge, you join a growing movement of inclusive employers across Lebanon that will be featured on Bedayati’s website. Bedayati will also publish case studies and best practice showcasing how employers are promoting inclusive workplace cultures.