Run With Bedayati

Offre Joie volunteers have been working tirelessly since the Beirut blast to rebuild 30 buildings in Mar Mkhail and Karantina, guaranteeing the safe return of 150 families to their homes. In support of the tremendous work being done on the ground, Bedayati has provided close to 3,000 hot meals and sandwiches to Offre Joie volunteers and residents in Mar Mkhail in September. We would like to extend our kitchen service, providing another 5,000 hot meals in October and need your support. On 10 October, we will be running 10K to mobilize funds to serve the affected areas. Join us anywhere in the world for a virtual run or meet us live in Beirut at 17:00. To donate, please visit the link in bio. A donation as small as LL5,000 will allow us to provide one more meal in support of Beirut recovery efforts. 

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