Youth Program X Community

Amidst an intensifying economic and health crisis, more and more families are struggling to secure essential medicine and put basic food on the table. Prolonged power outages have made living conditions intolerable, particularly for those who were struggling even before the crisis. Families are unable to get a good night’s rest in the unrelenting heat. Regular electricity cuts have also meant that families cannot safely store food in the fridge and experience regular internet outages.

Bedayati students held several meetings this week, speaking to the community about the critical importance of not neglecting one’s health, precisely to be able to deal with the mounting stress. Students served hot meals and healthy snacks as they presented creative tips for adopting a healthier lifestyle on a budget, covering nutrition, exercise, mental and physical health.

We are reminded that even though many food items and basic goods and services are temporarily out of reach until we are able to bring about change, solidarity and community are still here and will be essential for our overcoming the crisis together.

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