30,000 Meals

The poor did not start fasting in Ramadan. Some have been fasting since the onset of the economic and financial crisis, reducing the number of meals they eat every day from three to two and eventually to just one. Yet financial poverty has not made the poor less generous, because “if a poor person is deprived and sees another deprived, they fully understand,” said one community member. If you give from your plate, “you feel as if it has grown in size,” said another. The Bedayati Kitchen has provided over 30,000 meals to those who need them the most in Beirut over the past 10 months. Our students actively shop for groceries in the morning, support the kitchen operation as kitchen assistants and help with costing, food distribution and the registration of families. In this way, they pay it forward in their own communities. They are now ready to take your catering orders. Every order made allows us to provide a meal(s) for free so as to ensure that no child goes to bed hungry.

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